Oh Hey, Ostara!

Riding the ResLife wave.
Riding the ResLife wave.

Spring! The Vernal Equinox. The Solar New Year. It’s a time of creation, rebirth, and capitalizing on your intentions. Today marks the first day of spring, and the best part is: I didn’t even realize it! I happened to be watching The Weather Channel and all they could talk about was Winter Storm Ultima headed toward the Northeast on the first day of Spring. Yet somehow, I must have felt today approaching. For the last few weeks leading up to today, I’ve had this blog on my mind. I had dabbled in blogging in the past, mostly because it seemed to be what everyone else was doing. It wasn’t until attending ACPA 2015 that I really felt energized to connect with the Higher Education/Student Affairs community in a different way. However, being a true Libra (with a Gemini moon) I’ve spent the last two weeks being completely indecisive and mulling over domain names, topics, and questioning whether anyone anywhere would actually have any interest in what I have to say.

Then today, with the courage of Aries behind me, I decided it didn’t matter. If you’ve ever read Loren Eiseley’s The Immense Journey, or heard his story of the starfish on the beach, you’ll understand what I mean here. Even if the words I write only make a difference to one person, that’s what matters to me.

My name is Kolrick Greathouse and I am a human doing. I am also a singer, knitter, and Student Affairs professional. I like to think of myself as a fearless traveler and I love a good craft beer (or three). I truly believe in, and aspire to be my most authentic self all the time. This site is meant to be a written and visual testament to that. I believe that the passions I hold and experience in my life are connected to my work with students, and I intend to continue to explore that. Whether it’s knitting in a pub in Cambridge, UK, sipping hot chocolate on the slopes of Passo Tonale, Italy, or performing in drag at a local cabaret; each of my experiences has shaped the professional I am today.

I invite you to get in on the conversation and I hope you enjoy my story!


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